Kevin DeHaven
Owner of Elite Fitness

Kevin Dehaven started weight training in his twenties, and has since spent the last 30 years dedicated to promoting health and fitness in a number of industry roles, including working in and running multiple gyms and health clubs. He has also been fortunate enough to be mentored and coached by some of the leading industry experts and champions, and strongly believes there is no better combination for success than experience and practical application. Over the past 20 years, Kevin has put his skills to the test by competing in numerous bodybuilding competitions and has also helped countless athletes succeed in their own goals, whether it be attaining their IFBB professional status, or just generally improving and maintaining their own personal health and fitness.

After being a well-recognized member and coach at Elite Fitness for over two decades, Kevin was thrilled when the opportunity to purchase the facility and further expand his reach to the local fitness community recently came about. Elite Fitness offers the very best in equipment and atmosphere, ensuring that members have access to proven equipment, immaculate facilities and a welcoming staff and membership base. Kevin also recognizes that every member is different in their needs, goals and progression and so is careful to not oversubscribe the gym, so that no one feels left out or overwhelmed while training, and he can spend ample time with his members.

Whether you are looking to dominate the stage, improve and maintain your conditioning, or just simply keep yourself moving, Kevin can work with you to identify a plan and approach that works for you.

Rebecca Jackson-Weaver
General Manager/Head Trainer
Rebecca has over 15 years experience running healthcare facilities and we are excited she is joining our Elite Fitness team. Rebecca has a degree in Exercise Science with an Athletic training focus, holds multiple certification in rehabilitation pre and post surgery and extensive training with athletes in sports specific training and injury prevention.

Ben Chilton
Personal Trainer
Bachelors in Exercise Science

I am a personal trainer and strength coach with 3 years of experience working with clients of all populations. I have competed in powerlifting and set multiple state records while learning as much as I can about my passion, helping other people meet their fitness goals. I interned at the Cannon School in Charlotte, NC, working with student-athletes in multiple sports and age groups. I have also worked 1-on-1 with clients from a variety of backgrounds, all with unique goals and histories with weight training. My goal is to create a personalized program tailored to your goals, experience level, injuries/aches and pains, and unique biomechanics to help you achieve your goals